Brunch Menu

Daily Egg Bake $11.99
ask your server for today's special

Blueberry Lemon Biscuit Shortcake $10.99
whipped ricotta, fresh berry compote, honey lemon drizzle

Baked French Toast $11.99
cinnamon cream cheese, whipped cream, served with choice of bacon or turkey sausage

Avocado Toast $12.99
everything wheat toast, avocado spread, shredded kale salad, radishes, toasted almonds, soft boiled egg, served with breakfast potatoes

The Betty $13.99
two scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, original B&E biscuit and jam, and choice of bacon or turkey sausage

Scrambled Eggs $11.99
scrambled eggs, bacon, mixed greens

Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich $8.99
original B&E biscuit with choice of bacon or turkey sausage, egg, white american cheese, red pepper aioli, served with mixed greens
no modifications available

Earl's Biscuits & Gravy $12.99
original B&E biscuit with housemade sausage gravy garnished with pickled onions

Smothered Breakfast Burrito $11.99
pork sausage, eggs, black beans, cheddar cheese, peppers, onions, potatoes, tomatillo salsa, pico de gallo, side of sour cream.
vegetarian option available upon request. no modifications available.

Breakfast Poutine $11.99
potatoes, chicken tenders, sausage gravy, cheddar cheese, soft boiled egg

Breakfast Burger $13.99
5 oz. ground beef, white american cheese, caramelized onions, egg, bacon, choice of mixed greens or breakfast potatoes

Roasted Vegetable Salad $13.99
arugula, butternut squash, turnips, parsnips, goat cheese, maple-sage vinaigrette

Betty & Earl's Biscuits

$5 each • Pick Six for $25 • Frozen 6-Packs $12

served with honey butter

Blueberry Lemon
drizzled with lemon glaze

Bacon Cheddar
brushed with garlic butter

Cinnamon Roll
with cinnamon cream cheese

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